God of War 4

God of War 4?

For gaming fans thinkingthat God Of War 3 will bethe last we see of thisgreat epic, thinkagain...

God Of War 4 has beenrevealed.

Kratos will spark off aviolent battle betweenthe Gods and the Titans.And will eventually standon their ruins to be theGod Of Gods.

But, not for long . . .


With Zeus gone, thebalance of the world isshakened. And Kratos whowill listen to no one'scounsel except his ownunleashes the nightmarethat Zeus had kept at bay. . . The nightmare thatAthena had warned wouldcome with the fall ofZeus . . .


Chaos ruled the worldbefore the Titans andGods existed and in theend there will be onlyChaos. . .

Kratos understands thatChaos is a destructivenon-entity which simplycannot be vanquishedwith his powerful blades.So he embarks on ajourney which Zeus hadnever attempted . . .because Zeus never hadthe Sister's Loom ofTime.

Kratos travels back andforth in Time to unravelthe mystery, the root,the cause, the creationof Chaos . . . And hefinally arrives at thetime and place whereChaos was born . . .

Want to know when andwhere?




Financial Chaos at theWhite House - 2009 a.d.

Kratos vs Chaos in God of War 4 story

Now here's onecomplicated puzzle thatwill take even Kratossome Time to figure out!

Did you enjoy the twist in the tale? There are more (pleasant) surprises awaiting you.
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Open Arena in God of War 3
Kratos vs Hades in God of War 3
Boss Battle with Water Crab Horse on Gaia's arm
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